quarta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2011

Chuck Memories (Control Denied Era) Part I

Chuck and Shannon

Evil Chuck and Big Shannon: Killer!

Shannon, Scott, Chris and Chuck: Control Denied dudes

Scott and Shannon

Our guitar hero: Chuck Schuldiner

Control Denied rocks!

Charles Michael: Our eternal Chuck

All of the pictures from Altamonte Springs in 1996 are of the original Control Denied lineup before there was a confirmed singer. They were taken at Chuck's house/home studio/rehearsal room, etc.

We rehearsed there from early 1996 through mid-late 1997. Then we started rehearsing in downtown Orlando with Richard as Death, working on Perseverance and material from past records. The 2 pictures of Chuck and I in his living room (Pic1&2)are the first pictures ever taken of us together, so they mean a lot to me. Anyway, have a killer weekend and "LET THE METAL FLOW!!!"


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