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Message From Chuck's Sister & Eric Greif

Schuldiner family
Beth Schuldiner: Each and every year I try to skip December 13th, but no matter how hard I try, someone or something smacks me in the face and makes me face another year without Chuck; plain and simple, it sucks. Kees and Yvonne have been instrumental in keeping Chuck's memory alive through their incredible memorial project, Aside from this wonderful project, they have been dear friends of our family, in fact, they are considered a part of our family and make talking about Chuck a happy subject.

Eric Greif has been a warrior in rounding up Chuck's music scattered all over the Globe and has fought the good fight in protecting Chuck's memory and Legacy. He in the past was always like a brother to me and even though time, distance and circumstances have separated us, he remains family to us; a brother to me.

The fans? What can I say? Hardcore and Loyal are the first two words that come to mind. No less is their unwavering compassion towards us, Chuck's family, over the years. Chuck would be grateful for their compassion and humbled by their unyielding Loyalty; Chuck was a lucky man indeed.

Next year I am NOT going to try to "skip over" December 13th. Instead of the huge hole I feel in my heart, I am going to fill it with all of the very wonderful memories of the times Chuck and I shared; times we shared with our Dad, Mom and his nephew Christopher.

"Thank you" to all mentioned here seems so small, but thank you anyway, for all that each and every one of you have done, with all of my heart and soul.

With Warm Regards,
Beth Schuldiner

Eric Greif: "It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated Chuck's fans are, not to mention the size of DEATH's 'metal crusade'. Those of us who knew Chuck intimately saw the humble metal dude who was genuinely appreciative of all his fans. The core group of us working daily on preserving Chuck's creative legacy are dedicated to widening the net, introducing his music to a new generation, and to bringing out the most exciting releases of rarities and reissues, all to Chuck's demanding standards. Thanks for your continued support & belief...and thanks for sharing with us your love for Chuck and his words & music."

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Monkeygod Productions disse...

I'd do anything to bring Chuck back. But then again, the constant expression of his memory makes it seem like he'll always be here. He will outlive us all!