domingo, 5 de dezembro de 2010

Fan Words: "My tribute to a Immortal Musician"

Click by Güliz Gonca Yakut
Uğur Karataş, from Death TR team: "I was listening to Slayer at that time and in a magazine I saw Death and wondered how it was like. I started to listen to Death and since then Chuck has been my God and Death has been the best thing I have. I have been a passionate fan of Death for 13 years but I still have the excitement as if I was still 12 when I open a Death song randomly it feels like it's the first time I am listening to it and I get excited. I really can't express myself!"

Death TR/BR team dedicate this to all Schuldiner family members (especially Mrs. Jane, Beth and Chris): thanks for sharing the son, brother and uncle with us. Eric Greif ex-manager of Death and eternal friend Chuck, thanks for the tireless work. Yvonne and Kees, remain strong. You are the differential in this relationship idol-fan. And fans around the world (including ourself): We are all one big family. Thanks!

Click by Güliz Gonca Yakut (Tribute for Chuck Schuldiner)

Official Chuck Schuldiner Tribute by Relapse Records

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