domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

Fan Tribute: International Chuck Schuldiner Memorial Day

Chuck and Death: Legends!

By our brother of Metal, Rob Stefani

On the 9th anniversary of Chuck's passing, all we encourge you to do is to listen to as much Death and Control Denied as possible.

No matter how big of a fan of Chuck's you are(you could be a fan since the days of Scream Bloody Gore or a newcomer who discovered Death and/or Control Denied a week ago), we are all fans of a man who was tirelessly passionate on giving his fans nothing but the best he could offer. And for that we miss him dearly.

And of course, anyone who was fortunate enough to see Death live and/or meet Chuck, please share any memories you have. Also, if you have pictures with Chuck or Death please post them. This also includes body art, vinyls, CDs, cassettes, and clothing.

If you have any friends who like Death or Control Denied, please invite them. Check this link: International Chuck Schuldiner Memorial Day

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