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Alex Camargo (Krisiun) about Chuck: "His work is IMMORTAL"

Alex Camargo: Krisiun vocal and bass! Killer!
By Mara Vanessa.

Fury, technique, prestige, and a true feeling for the Extreme Metal. This is the legacy that the Brazilian band Krisiun have been building in this last twenty years of dedication to the Heavy Metal. Alex Camargo, bassist and vocalist of Krisiun, talked with Death TR/BR about a theme that is common passion among the musician and thousands of people around the planet. Alex talked about Chuck Schuldiner and Death. The bassist and vocalist, famous for killer albums like "Apocalyptic Revelation", "Conquerors Of Armageddon" (a classic!) and the most recent "Southern Storm" says that Chuck Schuldiner was a great guitarist and vocalist and his work is immortal!

"Death had a role in Krisiun’s musical training. These guys have been greatly responsible for the evolution of Death Metal (style). The Master Chuck had the ability of writing great albums that united much heaviness and aggressiveness with a melody that combined a lot with the compositions. No doubt a great guitarist and vocalist. His WORK IS IMMORTAL", said Alex Camargo.

The frontman of Krisiun also believes that Chuck Schuldiner modified and inserted new elements into the Heavy Metal scene, and can be regarded as a symbol of a generation. "The sound of Death was very diverse. They used to alternate aggressive parts with melodic ones without sounding forced or commercial. Man, I really think of Death as a band with an spotless career! All discs are great discs, you know? For me, the early classics are the most impressive, such as Leprosy and Human. The line ups always had great musicians like Gene Hoglan, Andy LaRocque, Steve DiGiorgio, just to illustrate. There were many others," says the Krisiun’s bassist.

Alex Camargo doesn’t believe that the specialized media gives the appropriate space and relevance to Chuck Schuldiner, even nine years after his death. According to Alex, Chuck and Death deserved much more space, especially because Chuck has a history, and many bands still being influenced by the sound of Death. The guy of Krisiun also reveals: "Many pseudo-musicians are published in the media all the time. And I'll be honest: these guys pseudo anything aren’t even closer to the talent of the great Master Chuck Schuldiner. His art is eternal and will be always respected by those who actually live the spirit of vanguard heavy music.” finished Alex Camargo.

Chuck Schuldiner (Mantas, Death and Control Denied)
The Brazilian musician takes the opportunity to send greetings for the fans of Krisiun, in Turkey, in Brazil and all over the world, and follows with a quote from Chuck: Let the Metal flow!

Thank you, Alex! Krisiun fucking rules!

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